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Private Sessions

Enjoy plenty of waves, fish or marine life with an interactive and personable adventure session with one of our guides.  Perfect for you and your mates, you family or your kids.


We'll pick you up in a convenient location, explore the Northern/Eastern Beaches (your choice) for the best ocean conditions, and find the best spot to catch a few.

Whether that be waves, fish or glimpse at Sydneys beautiful marine life.  

Choose the:

  • ACTION (surfing, fishing, snorkelling)

  • LOCATION (A northern or eastern beach/bay

  • DURATION (1.5 - 3 hours) -  start/finish from pickup & drop location


               1.5 hour       2 hour     2.5 hour       3 hour

1 prs = $120     $150   $175       $200

2 ppl = $160     $200   $230       $260

3 ppl = $210     $260   $300       $340

4 ppl = $240     $300   $340       $380

For a private session meeting at the beach, duration is 1.25 hrs

Surf & Adventure Package


Round up a crew of 4+ mates and gear up for a day of surf n adventure. Whether that be two surfs or a surf combined with snorkelling, fishing or another activity, around the hottest sea side spots of  the Northern or Eastern Beaches (your choice).  



What does the experience include:


  • 5 hour experience of your choice surfing, snorkelling & exploring Sydneys Northern or Eastern Beaches.                                                                  

  • Pick-up and drop off at a convenient location                                                

  • Picnic lunch and drinks in between activities                                               

  • Equipment including surfboards/bodyboards & snorkels 


$480 for up to 4 ppl + $60 for each additional person


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PRIVATES SESSIONS for kids and adults

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