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Before & After School Sessions


Does my child require a certain LEVEL OF SURF EXPERIENCE?

We cater from beginner to advanced surf ability.  It is required that children are self competent surfers though.  This means the kids can mange themselves independently and only may require verbal guidance.

What if the surf is unsafe or unfavourable?

There is always a surf option as different beaches are favourable to difference surf conditions.  In the rare case that the surf conditions are not suitable on group arrival to the beach, the kids will be taken snorkeling, skating or to a protected beach for a swim.  

Which BEACH are surf sessions conducted at?

Surf sessions take place at the beach producing the most suitable surf conditions according to the ability of the group.  Generally for pickups conducted closer to the lower Northern Beaches this will be Manly, Freshwater or Curl Curl and for pickups closer to the upper Northern Beaches, Mona Vale, Warriewood or Colloroy.  


Where can my child get PICKED UP in the morning or DROPPED OFF in the afternoon?

Pickups and drop offs are conducted between the North Shore and lower Northern Beaches and extend outside this area for group enrolments of 4+ kids.  Check out the "Pickup and Drop Off" section for the various driving routes taken for surf sessions.


Can my child have a more personalised pickup or drop off closer to home?  

For 4+ children who have created their own group, we can do a morning collection or afternoon drop off to/from a group members home.  However for those joining a group, generally no. Although we'd love to provide the convenience of picking or dropping every child to their door step, it's just not viable.  If your child happens to be the final drop off, in which no other child has to be inconvenienced by being in the car for an off route drop off, a can offer a more personalised option for an extra fee.  

How does my child get their SURF EQUIPMENT to the surf facilitator?

If a child cannot take their surfboard to school or doesn't have their own equipment there are various other options available.

1) Equipment can be dropped off prior to an afternoon session/or taken back after a morning session to the TSS storage unit in Fairlight. 

2) A morning drop off or afternoon pickup can be from someones house so that boards can be taken their rather than to school. 

3) TSS can provide a surfboard (fibre glass and soft) or body boards for a cost of $5 per session.


What if my child misses a session? 

For missed sessions, children can have a makeup session on another afternoon/morning with another group.  This involves the child needing to get to a location along that groups designated travel route for pickup.  Unfortunately refunds cannot be provided for missed sessions. 

School Holiday Action

Can my child select a specific activity in addition to surfing?

Yes, but only for group bookings of 4+ kids. 

Where can my child be picked up in the morning and dropped off in the afternoon?

Pickups and drops offs are conducted in Northbridge, Cammeray, Cremorne, Mosman and Balgowlah. 

More personalised pickups outside the general route can be conducted for group bookings of 4 or more children.  


Which BEACH will the surf session be at?

Surf sessions take place at the beach producing the most suitable surf conditions according to the ability of the group.  Generally this will be either Manly, Freshwater or Curl Curl however a holiday program can take place on the upper Northern Beaches or Eastern Suburbs for group bookings.

Is equipment provided?

Surf equipment is provided for children without their own to share amongst the group at no cost.  For other activities including snorkelling and skate/scooter, equipment is BYO.  Equipment for these activities can be provided for those without for $5.  


Is lunch BYO? 

Children can either BYO lunch or bring money to purchase it.  After the morning activity we normally head to a food district at lunch time where the kids can purchase lunch at a place of their choosing.

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