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The Surf Shuttle is a surf and adventure facilitation service that provides all the necessary ingredients for Northern and Eastern Suburbs kids to pursue their passion for ocean sport and other therapeutic outdoor activities.

Whether it be catching a few waves after school or hitting the cable park during the school holidays, The Surf Shuttle is here to make it possible. We’re here to help kids access and enjoy the outdoor activities they love.   

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No more need to let distance from the beach get in the way of your child's passion for surfing, body boarding or other ocean activities. The Surf Shuttle transports your kids to and from the beach at your convenience so that you don't have to.



Enjoy the peace of mind of knowing your childs having a great time doing what they love with an experienced and likeminded adult.  Our team have years of experience surfing and working with children. Check out OUR TEAM page and see why your child is in great hands.  



No grading, no expectations...just positive vibes and a good time connecting to nature and doing what you's that simple! We are all about providing all kids regardless of living location and ability, the opportunity to pursue their passion for the ocean in a safe environment. We even your child to the beach with the most suitable and fun conditions for them on the day.


Mandy Steinberg - Max's mum

Christian and his team at The Surf Shuttle have been a game changer for me and my 12yo who can't get enough time in the surf. He's participated in afternoon surf sessions during the school term, school holiday programs and one on one private sessions. He absolutely loves it all! Christian is professional and relates very well with the kids and always ensures the sessions are super fun. My son's surfing has improved out of sight and I am confident knowing that he is being well supervised and supported in and out the water. The one on one sessions have been a great opportunity for him to push himself out of his comfort zone and tackle some bigger conditions and work on his skills. The Surf Shuttle is the best thing that has happened on the North Shore for parents of mad keen young surfers!


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